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How to apply:

To apply to be a Rock County WIC participant, you will need to contact our Janesville or Beloit WIC office to set up an appointment. When you call to set up an appointment, we will ask you several pre-screening questions. Applicants will be advised about what to bring to the WIC appointment to help determine eligibility.

What to bring to your appointment:

  1. Your child/person to be certified
  2. Proof of income (Medicaid, BadgerCare, W-2 letter, check stub)
  3. Identification for each person being certified (driver's license, birth certificate, crib card)
  4. Proof of current address (mailing, bill showing your address, letter from landlord)
  5. Medical card

How long is a typical appointment?

Expect/plan for an appointment to take up to an hour minimum. Depending upon the day, this amount of time can be shorter in length.

How do I get WIC foods?

Following your WIC appointment, you will receive an eWIC card (similar to a debit card). On that card will be specific foods for each member of your family who qualifies for WIC. You can take the eWIC card to any WIC approved grocery store, to purchase the specific foods in the quantities listed on the WIC Shopping List (given to you by the clinic).

We'll give you a list of the area stores where eWIC cards are accepted, your WIC Shopping List, and a handy WIC approved food guide for use at the store.

There is also a guide here, on our site.